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Dr Wolz Oxygen Plus 250ml

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Zell Oxygen Plus works by enhancing the oxygen utilization in our bodies.  Taking it daily therfore helps with cases of tiredness and exhaustion.

Zell Oxygen plus contains naturally cultured, live young saccharomyces cerevisale yeast cells grown in an oxygen rich environment.  These thin walled yeast cells are easily assimilated into the gut where the 'food form state' live enzymes, B Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidents contained in the yeast cells are quickly dispersed into the blood stream to promote healthy cellular function.

Taking Zell Oxygen may also help to:
- Protect against free radical damage
- Strengthen your immune system
- Purify and cleanse your body
- Support healthy digestion
- Improve bowel function
- Improve the nervous system
- Improve sleep patterns
- Lower stress levels

Zell Oxygen Plus also helps to increase stamina during physical training.

Zell Oxygen Plus is not recommended for for small childrem or pregnant women due to the natural alcohol content.  It does not interfere with any medication although it is recommended that anyone undergoing radition or chemotherapy should not start Zell Oxygen Plus until after the treatment has finished. 

Zell Oxygen Plus is safe to take if you suffer from Candida.  Yeast intolerances are normally due to sterilised yeasts and yeasts with thicker cell walls.

Most of the research carried out on Zell Oxygen is available to read in The Haug Report.

It is recommended to take 20 - 30 ml per day for the first three bottles then 10ml per day as a maintenance dose.

Measure the desired quantity of Zell Oxygen Plus in the measuring cup and mix with water or juice.

Yeast cells 62%*, Fruit juice concentrate (Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Sea Buckthorn), Apple juice from apple juice concentrate, Inactivated dried yeast cells, Honey, Wheat germ oil, Acerola powder, Vitamin E, Zinc yeast (Yeast, Zinc citrate), Natural flavour, Selenium yeast, Nicotinamide, Pantothenate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Biotin.

*Enzyme Yeast Cells Dr Wolz
Nutritional Facts Per 100ml Per 30ml %RDA
Vitamin B1 (2) 7.4mg 2.2mg 200
Vitamin B2 (1,2,3) 9.4mg 2.8mg 200
Vitamin B6 (2,3) 9.3mg 2.8mg 200
Vitamin B12 (2,3) 16.7mcg 5mcg 200
Niacin (NE) (2,3) 53.4mg 16mg 100
Pantothenic Acid (2,3) 20mg 6mg 100
Biotin (2) 333mcg 100mcg 200
Vitamin E (in-alpha-TE) (1) 80mg 24mg 200
Zinc (1) 16.7mg 5mg 50
Selenium (1) 183.3mcg 55mcg 100
Enzyme Yeast Cells Dr Wolz 19g
200 billion

The above mentioned values are subject to usual differences of natural products.

(1) The vitamins B2 and E as well as Selenium and Zincncontained in Zell Oxygen Plus contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

(2) The contained B vitamins contribute to normal energy yielding metbolism.

(3) And to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


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